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Dr. Jon Pangborn on CD-Products

Dr. Jon Pangborn on CD-Products

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Hello Parents and Health Professionals:
Every so often, we get lucky and come across an important piece of information that can be put to use to help our children. Last year, I spent considerable time studying how natural antibiotics and probiotics deal with harmful microbes – the kind that can take up residence in our intestinal tracts. This is what we sometimes call dysbiosis. Some of these little troublemakers have become quite clever at adapting. They survive our attempts to eradicate them with pharmaceuticals. And it seems like what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger.

I found that nature has some answers to this problem. Plants like barberry use a double punch to stay healthy. Invading microbes are hit with both a natural antibiotic plus another substance that disables the microbe’s defense against the antibiotic. Certain herbals, when used in their complete form, have a similar ability to get rid of specific microorganisms.

Two of the best herbals for intestinal health are oregano and thyme where complete herbal forms are used. An important helper, one that acts to reduce the stress that results from eliminating dysbiotic flora, is curcumin. Kirkman Labs has combined these herbals into an excellent product for restoring intestinal health – “CD-Herbal”.

Along with natural, herbal antibiotics, come certain probiotic flora, specific ones that have been documented to assist the eradication of undesired organisms while enhancing the beneficial ones. Two species of Lactobacillus are reported to do this – plantarum and rhamnosis. They help along with the assistance of Saccharomyces boulardii. S. boulardii is an amazing yeast that gets rid of other yeasts and then leaves of its own accord. Kirkman has combined these into “CD-Biotic”, and I highly recommend its use along with “CD-Herbal”.

The elimination of undesirable flora often is accompanied by a die-off reaction causing nausea and other discomforts.  When this occurs, activated charcoal is recommended until the die-off subsides.


Jon B. Pangborn, Ph.D.
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Fellow, Am. Inst. Chemists
Consultant to Kirkman Laboratories