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What's New at Kirkman®

May 2015

Kirkman® Adds Chocolate Children’s Supplements

Kirkman® introduced two new yummy, chewable chocolate supplements.  You won’t have compliance issues with these.

New are Children’s Chewable Pro-Bio Gold™ Chocolate Wafers and Children’s Chewable Calcium Chocolate Wafers.

Our new chocolate Pro-Bio Gold™ offers the same probiotic strains and 20 CFUs that our other signature Pro-Bio Gold™ products.  The new chocolate calcium product offers 250 mg of calcium and 80 mg of Vitamin D-3.

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Kirkman® Introduces Broccoli Seed Extract Enzyme Activated – Hypoallergenic

Research has indicated that sulforaphane, a component found in broccoli, has important health benefits.  Sulforaphane acts in the body as an anti-oxidant, detoxifier, immune supporter, enzyme activator and may have many other life supporting benefits.

Prepared extracts of broccoli sprouts or broccoli seeds, however, typically lose their benefits but those benefits are preserved in Kirkman’s new broccoli nutritional supplement.

Kirkman’s Broccoli Seed Extract – Enzyme Activated is unique in that it contains the added broccoli enzyme myrosinase which is patented by CS Health LLC of Louisville, KY, a division of Caudill Seed Company.  The addition of this enzyme supports the body’s conversion of glucoraphanin to sulforaphane.

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