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Kirkman® Ultra Tested™

Announcing Ultra Tested™ . . .



Purity Testing for More Than 950 Environmental Contaminants

What is Ultra Tested™?

Ultra Tested™ is the highest standard of purity testing in the nutritional supplement industry. Developed by Kirkman®, the Ultra Tested™ protocol calls for testing every raw ingredient for more than 950 environmental contaminants and finished products for 24 heavy metals, bacteria, yeast, mold and common allergens. No other supplement company in the world offers this degree of purity testing.

Look for the Ultra Tested™ seal (pictured on the right) for your assurance of purity and safety. By the end of summer 2011, every product that Kirkman® manufactures will be Ultra Tested™ for purity except for creams, lotions and oils.

Are Kirkman's Ultra Tested™ Purity Standards Better Than Those of Other Supplement Companies?

Yes! No other nutraceutical company tests for as many potentially harmful environmental contaminants as Kirkman® does — in fact — not even close! Our Ultra Tested™ testing standards far exceed industry standards or government requirements.

Do Other Supplement Companies Test Their Products for Purity?

If a supplement company is not a manufacturer — and most aren't — they are not required to conduct product testing for purity, safety or to substantiate label claims. These companies can't really tell you for sure if their products are pure or safe.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, are required by the FDA to test for a short list of potentially harmful contaminants and to validate their label claims. Most reputable manufacturers comply with the government's requirements for testing, however, few go beyond what's required.

It's common practice for manufacturers to rely on "Certificates of Analysis" from raw ingredient suppliers for information regarding the raw ingredient being purchased. This is no longer a reliable source of information with 80% of all raw ingredients used in nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals coming from China and other overseas sources. The only way for a supplement company to ensure purity is to do extensive testing for as many potentially harmful environmental contaminants as possible.

Kirkman® Sets New Standards

Kirkman® has always been at the forefront of innovation for effective products that meet our customers' needs. The reason we are pioneering Ultra Tested™ is because of the growing body of evidence that implicates environmental toxins as causing serious health issues, especially for developing children.