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Kirkman Introduces P2i Baby™


Kirkman Introduces P2i Baby™ for Prospecitve Mom’s and Dads: 

The Gold Standard in Nutritional Care from Preconception Through Infancy

Kirkman® formulated our P2i™ Baby line to offer prospective parents optimal nutritional care during the preconception and prenatal period. More and more scientific studies are indicating that good nutritional profiles of the parents-to-be have a big role in promoting the good health of their offspring.

But P2iBaby™ is more than just a line of supplements. The supplements themselves are just part of a broad, ambitious program that seeks to revolutionize pediatric and prenatal health care.

Sponsored by the non-profit think tank, the Forum, the P2i® program has the objectives of ensuring healthy pregnancies and reducing the chronic childhood health problems that are on the rise across the globe.

The P2i® supplement line is based on the work P2i® faculty member, pediatrician David Berger. Dr. Berger’s practice of addressing nutritional issues and minimizing toxicity levels in patients has resulted in extraordinarily low numbers of complications and preterm births in his clinic.

The P2i BabyTM line replaces Kirkman’s professional preconception and prenatal care products with updated formulations that incorporate the latest scientific findings in effective preconception and prenatal nutritional supplements.